The first photograph of this project was taken in a small Ladenkino in Berlin. The last photo was taken in front of a white garage in France. I took all of the other photographs somewhere else on the planet.
Fascinated about ways of seeing, imagination and grip I started working on my first publication Can I see?. Inspired by the absence of truth and hierarchy, knowing all of the context will be my very own, the images offer no specific explanation but give rise to the question of what it is you are looking at, and why. Spaces become autonomous spaces, their meaning can only be grasped in its evocative power. 
I exhibited Can I see? as an installation during the group exhibition HERE WE ARE WE HERE in december 2021.

 Iso­lated images, devoid of context. Can I see the ordinary – doors, chambers, windows – as access to and as suggestion of something new?  

Can I see? - Soft-cover book, 64 pages, 32 photos. First edition of 75 copies, first 10 copies include a limited fine-art print.